My practice is dedicated to providing care for children, adolescents, adults and families.  By combining expertise in evaluation with individual or family therapy,  the reasons for the presenting problems  may be more accurately identified and  understood so the right care and guidance can be provided to resolve them. 


Despite parents’ wishes, loving intentions and best efforts, children and adolescents don’t always behave, achieve or turn out as expected. Sometimes the personality of a child is not well matched to his or her parent’s and differences in temperament may create frustration or tension. Sometimes a child or adolescent may have an undetected  learning or attention problem that is compromising the ability to meet behavioral or academic expectations. An anxiety disorder or depression may make a child or already moody adolescent more worried, needy, difficult to reassure or console, easily irritated or pervasively sad. This can confuse or test the patience of even the very best parent. 


Especially during the adolescent years, it can be very hard and confusing for just about any parent to know what to make of, and how to respond to, the changes unfolding right before their eyes. Previously sweet, loving and engaged children can sometimes turn into new private, withdrawn and disrespectful versions of themselves seemingly overnight. And as the adolescent years also bring new and steadily increasing demands for self-motivation, memory, planning, organization and time management the middle and high school years cause previously unknown learning or attention disorders to emerge.  


If there are any unaddressed or unresolved issues during high school, they may come to a head when an adolescent leaves for college. To make a successful college adjustment, adolescents' learning, attention and executive functions, stress and emotional management abilities must all be at the top of their game. But this is not always the case. Some college students falter academically, or get too overwhelmed or distracted by college life, getting themselves hopelessly behind in their courses, fearing or avoiding the fact that they can’t salvage the semester and ending up on academic probation or taking a leave of absence.


Working with children and adolescents can be complicated, but extremely rewarding. It requires the ability to gain their trust and respect while walking a fine line between maintaining their confidentiality and  helping their parents understand what’s going on and how they can be helpful. I have always enjoyed clinical challenges and  am particularly drawn to working with adolescents and their parents. The care provided during these years can make an huge difference in their achievement and well being and bring relief and peace of mind to them and  their parents.

Not only do parents have to deal with the stresses or child-rearing, they have their own individual issues and concerns to deal with. Working with adults has been an integral part of my practice for the last 35 years.





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